The Reenactment of the Battle of Lewisburg gives us a wonderful opportunity to explore our past and learn from our history.  Special events will educate visitors about our Civil War History and help us to arrive at a better understanding of the causes and results of the War Between the States.

Our goal for the future is to introduce our young people to a period in our nation’s history that sometimes seems like a mystery to them.  Very little is taught in today’s schools about the Civil War and much of the information that children are given is not accurate.

Using reenactors and special presenters, children will be able to learn about camp life, the role of women during the war, slavery, the homefront, fashions of the time, black soldiers and much more!

Young people of all ages are invited to participate in all activities during The Battle of Lewisburg Living History and Reenactment.

There were no Indian settlements in the area though farmers and gardeners still regularly plow and till up arrowheads on their land – tokens of the hunting grounds of the Seneca, Shawnee and earlier people who are unknown to recorded history.

In 1759 the first white settlers came to the area and by 1763 there were 30 families.

In that year almost all the settlers were killed or captured by Shawnee led by Chief Cornstalk.

In 1774 in what is called the first battle of the Revolutionary War,

Andrew Lewis led an expedition against the Indians and defeated the Shawnees, Mingos, Delawares and Ottawas under Cornstalk at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Part of Lewis’s route is now County Route 31 from Asbury to Blue Sulphur.


The Battle of Lewisburg

On the morning of May 23, 1862, Union troops under Colonel George Crook were camped behind the grounds of the present Greenbrier Community College. The Union force was the 3rd Provisional Ohio Brigade consisting of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and part of the 2nd (West) Virginia Cavalry. Federal troop strength was 1400 supported by two mountain howitzers.

Colonel Crook’s presence was part of a larger federal effort to sever railroad communications between Virginia and Tennessee. Confederate forces under Brigadier General Henry Heth advanced on Lewisburg from the east.  Confederate forces consisted of the 22nd Virginia Infantry, the 45th Virginia Infantry, a detachment of the 8th Virginia Cavalry (dismounted) and two untrained militia battalions under Lieutenant Colonel William Finney and Major George Edgar.  Total force was 2300 men and six artillery pieces.

General Heth’s battle line was along the heights of the eastern edge of town. At 5 a.m. General Heth opened the battle with a bombardment of the Union camp. The Ohio Brigade advanced on the Confederate left and right while the Cavalry charged up the center of the Confederate line.

The units on the Confederate left were the first to collapse which exposed the center to enfilade fire.  Heth’s forces, followed by the Union troops, retreated, crossed the Greenbrier River at Caldwell and burned the bridge behind them.

The battle lasted a little over an hour.  Eighty Confederate soldiers were dead, 100 wounded and 157 taken prisoner.  Union casualties were 13 killed, 53 wounded and 7 missing.

A home is a location for families to live as well as grow. The style you pick should show it as a location that is loaded with love and also great times. Fortunately, this is easy with new home style in Singapore. These brand-new items of decor are both enjoyable and also attractive. They range from plant stands that fit nicely in a corner or an entryway to very helpful products for your kitchen. These things might seem simple and also probably worthless, but they all tell a story concerning the household that lives there.

When you shop for homewares in Singapore, also a clock can be exciting. There are numerous designs readily available, and also none of them need to be plain white clock confronts with black hands. You can select to have also a galaxy repainted clock to provide a room in your home a little burst of shade. If it matches your outgoing or vivid individuality, why not have it in your house?

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Everybody that walks right into your home should obtain a sensation of what makes your family tick. When you stroll into your living area, whether it is your special sense of wit or that you like being inspired by quotes each day. Family members images in attractive frameworks will certainly tell others that you are devoted to your family members. What would certainly you think of a person who used cat butt magnets on their refrigerator? You would likely appreciate their wit. You may feel as though the residence is not loaded with the heat of a true household if you walk right into their home and there is nothing to see.

In life, we are all most likely to take our own course. Nevertheless, one universal fact is that regardless of where we wind up, the road will always take us house. House decor in Singapore will make your residence a location that you as well as your family are all pleased to go residence to at the end of every experience, each day. What more could you hope for?

Individuals as well as their residence are distinct in every feeling of the word. Even houses that are designed to look the same, are different since individuals inside of them add their own individuality to the mix. Your furniture will begin the transformation right into distinctive, however the really defining feature will be the things that you accessorize with. As a perk, the majority of devices for the house can be acquired on even a tighter budget.

Which house accessories in Singapore would you such as to have in your residence? Devices may include distinct lighting, art work, and furnishing. You can select a design or a theme and also develop off of it to produce a style that is 100% you.

Do you rejoice when you walk in the doorway to your house each day? Otherwise, you are denying yourself of among the best points in life, the happiness of loving your home. The living-room ought to be a location that you enjoy most likely to kick back while seeing television or spending time with your family. The dining-room need to be satisfying for spending family dinners en masse while chatting. It is all possible with brand-new home devices in Singapore.

A home is an unique area where you supervise of whatever. You are complimentary to be as innovative as you intend to be and you must keep it in mind as you try to find home design in Singapore. There are carpets that allow you to tip outside package of "normal". They are multi-colored and made with felt rounds. Can you envision the ruptured of shade that it would certainly contribute to a room? Darkened areas of your house can be lit with fairy containers instead of nightlights or lamps. What kind of decoration will you find?

Montessori recognizes kids do not fit into a perfect mold, and that it’s not fair to ask to do so. That’s why enrolled kids are given the possibility to have a say in just how they learn and also what they place more focus on. This not only permits the child to discover first-hand that they are, however it also instructs them exactly how to be independent by themselves skills as well as skills.

When you think of a classroom for your child, you’re certain to imagine an area with kids faithfully doing math troubles, writing essays, or researching. There is so much a lot more that a classroom must be. We desire our kids to do more than simply find out truths they can state. It’s so vital to make sure that they mature to be successful grownups. With the Montessori Singapore technique, emphasis is not just put on understanding, however on growing.

There is no better method to explore the world than to experience it firsthand. Montessori will aid your child to discover their own globes safely and confidently. In time, this will certainly enable them to discover on their own terms. Not just that, however it will also educate them to appreciate the globe around them, permitting them to progress as well as ethical grownups later in life.

Your child is worthy of a lot greater than simply a typical education. With Montessori Singapore, they’ll have the chance to learn so much a lot more concerning themselves and also the globe around them. After that, as kids maturate, they will certainly be a lot more effective with this impressive discovering curriculum behind them.


Everyone is unique, and that includes your child. With Montessori, we position focus on finding out each youngster’s individual strengths as well as weaknesses. A lot more so, each child with have learning obstacles that impact them in different methods. By getting to know them as people, we can resolve the majority of these obstacles, better permitting them to find out.

Firsthand experience can consist of several methods. From projects that call for trial and error to also just taking a walk outside, it’s vital to remember that kids are normally curious. When a kid sees something brand-new, they naturally intend to learn more regarding it. When learning, this can be handy. As a matter of fact, youngsters comprehend even complex suggestions a lot more clearly when they see it firsthand.

There are 2 sizes readily available to any individual that wants to earn a teddy bear constructed from roses. There is a huge sized bear as well as a smaller sized one. Both are sized to be presented in her bedroom, living room, or any various other space of her house. If she wants an unique suggestion of you to be with her all day long, she may even select to place it on display screen in her office.

There is a teddy bear with roses available to match any kind of state of mind and also any view that you want to reveal. They are also fantastic for celebrating any vacation or special occasion. A red climbed bear might state I enjoy you deeply, while a purple or pink may be ideal for a little girl who loves those colors. The pink and also blue duo colored bear might be terrific for a baby shower present for mother. There are proud bears, laid-back bears, and also multi-colored ones that are just merely beautiful to take a look at.

When you provide rose teddy bears by, it will certainly be a gift that she can reveal off to her close friends. If any of the blossoms come off, it will not be a problem, because we include every little thing you need to repair it with your acquisition. This is just one more factor that they make the excellent present for every female, regardless of age.

Can you think of a far better gift for all the ladies in your life than a teddy bear that is made of roses? Each of these bears is handmade to guarantee their quality.

Most women, no matter of their age, enjoy receiving both teddy bears and blossoms. With this single gift, you can offer her with both blossoms that will never lose their appeal as well as a teddy bear she can cherish for numerous years to come.

When you determine to provide the rose bear as a gift, the woman you give it to will have a face that brighten. You can look at the testimonials and see that every lady, from 8 to 80, believes they are impressive gifts to obtain, and also frequently to provide to others. These reviewers go crazy concerning their charm, their durability, and also their interest to detail. We really feel that practically anybody can appreciate them.

If you have a special event coming up, be it an anniversary, birthday celebration, or other vacation where gifts are given, the rose teddy bears must be a present that you think about providing. Your woman can place them anywhere she wants, as well as they will not tumble over the way typical teddy bears might and also they will certainly not lose their beauty, also as many years pass by since you give it to her.

Most individuals spend a lot of time searching for the best gifts for somebody special. We require to discover the ideal things, the best colors, the best beliefs, and also more. When shopping for a woman pal, the obstacle is also harder. Until now. If you are looking for the very best present for a woman or a little lady, your search is finishing. The increased bear incorporates the appeal of roses with the cuteness of a teddy bear to make the excellent gift for virtually every lady in your life.

Initially, what is an ICANN domain name registrar? Simply put, it is a company entity that is authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and also Numbers (ICANN) to distribute domain names. ICANN is a charitable business whose work is to maintain the Internet safe and secure, stable as well as arranged. It does so through extensive sychronisation, in that every existing domain on the web has its distinct identifiers and appointed area online.

How do you know if the company you are acquiring your domain name from is an ICANN domain registrar? The registrar you are going to get your domain name from ought to be consisted of in that list.

Prior to you buy a domain name, you need to make sure that the business you are getting it from is an ICANN domain registrar. In short, an ICANN domain name registrar acts as an organizer as well as intermediary in between ICANN and also anyone that desires to own a domain name. Obviously, if you desire to buy a domain name, you need to do so only with an ICANN domain registrar. Just how do you recognize if the company you are acquiring your domain name from is an ICANN domain registrar? Do your homework first and make sure that the company you are getting your domain name from is an ICANN domain name registrar.

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As soon as you find the ICANN domain registrar that you desire, go to its website and also utilize its search feature to see if your preferred domain name is still available. The registrar ought to not make you go through various hoops just so you can get your domain name.

Basically, an ICANN domain name registrar acts as a coordinator and also middleman in between ICANN and also anyone that wishes to possess a domain name. It is the registrar’s duty to obtain technological and also management contact info from you when you acquire a domain name. Subsequently, the registrar should submit it to ICANN’s central directory site so your domain can be accessed by any kind of computer system attached to the Internet.

Before you buy a domain, you need to make certain that the company you are getting it from is an ICANN domain name registrar. With an ICANN-accredited registrar, you will not have any kind of problems when it comes to purchasing as well as safeguarding your domain name. Moreover, if you do your homework correctly, you can rest assured that your domain name shall be yours for as lengthy as you want it. You will not have any kind of fears that it will certainly be compelled away from you whenever.

Furthermore, the costs the ICANN domain name registrar offers must be practical. ICANN has actually made the business of domain pc registry to be extra affordable, and also so it is currently feasible for you to acquire domain for as low as $25.

It is extremely easy to purchase a domain. You need to be really cautious when you make a purchase. Do your research initially and ensure that the company you are getting your domain name from is an ICANN domain name registrar.

So, undoubtedly, if you intend to acquire a domain name, you need to do so only with an ICANN domain registrar. Not only that, the registrar needs to have a credibility for being stable and also reliable. That’s since the reality is if the registrar shuts store, you will lose your domain name in addition to them. You most definitely wouldn’t desire that happening to you.

If you require to dump points down at the dock there are points that a product handling equipment maker can offer to make it a simpler job. You can even obtain plates for dumping or loading at the dock that can hold 2700 pounds if you require that example. You can also get much smaller items, like a dolly or furnishings slides, that make it less complicated for staff members to relocate things and also do it all safely.

Forklift can additionally be a terrific addition to the manufacturer and also any kind of warehouse must be able to talk to you about what it can provide for your company all at once. They can carry out recurring tasks as well as points that are hard for other employees to do as a result of the precision with which it must be done. They weigh stuff, they can relocate things, they can spray paint and also box products, and extra. They can do anything that your company might require for them to do as well as your staff members can do the more vital jobs.

When it concerns picking a forklift producer like Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific you need to ensure that they provide what you need and when you require it. It is the easiest way to make sure that everything within your business or wholesale warehouse is being managed the proper way. The company you select to help you with all of your supply or storage demands need to have the ability to comprehend that these items need the care that beneficial things require and they should intend to aid you maintain everything safe with just the appropriate tools.

You have a tough job when you run a wholesale or industrial warehouse and this work ends up being even harder if you do not have the appropriate equipment to survive the tasks you have to manage. When it comes to assisting you obtain what you need, your chosen material dealing with tools maker should be more of a help than a limitation. Just do your research study and also ask your questions to see if they are the best supplier for you. It will make sure that every person that helps you works safely and successfully.

By using pallet racking or other shelving products you can include space to also a little storage facility by accumulating the inventory and products that you have there. Food or edible items frequently need a different type of equipment that is thought about a crafted system because it is much more easily cleaned than various other kinds of equipment. You should ask your recommended product dealing with tools producer which kind of equipment they really feel will certainly function best for your conditions so you pick.

Ranges are likewise a necessary component of any kind of storage facility if you require to guarantee that trucks are not too heavy to drive through evaluate terminals or you guarantee a details weight on your products packaging. Not all products as well as stock can be taken care of in the same way. Consequently, you actually need to be able to ask inquiries and also obtain the best tools for the task you require to do. It will make certain that every little thing is managed effectively to make sure that you can stress a little less concerning your service and also your worker or item’s security while on duty.

If you have a two story structure and you require a conveyor belt, you must have a material handling devices producer that can tell you which will work best in your building and wherefore you require to utilize it for. They ought to provide various other crafted systems that will if a conveyor belt is not the right alternative for you. They should have the ability to supply you with filling systems, industrial trucks, storage tools and also more. The supplier that you choose to use need to have the ability to aid you via obtaining what you require.

When it comes to selecting a forklift supplier you require to be sure that they supply what you need as well as when you need it. The firm you pick to help you with all of your supply or storage needs must be able to understand that these products require the care that useful items require and they must want to assist you keep whatever safe with just the appropriate devices.

If you have a 2 tale building as well as you require a conveyor belt, you need to have a product handling equipment maker that can inform you which will certainly function best in your structure and also for what you require to use it for. You truly need to be able to ask concerns and obtain the best equipment for the task you require to do. Food or edible items often require a various type of equipment that is taken into consideration an engineered system due to the fact that it is a lot more quickly cleaned than other types of tools.

It is simple to tell how much you can depend upon your selected material managing tools supplier if you handle timber chips, ore, crushed rock, or some other sort of loosened bulk items. They should have the ability to simply speak to you and also uncover which pail elevators, loaders, hoppers, silos, as well as other devices will certainly be most useful for you. These products have a lot more versatility in your storage or managing choices and are a terrific examination for all dealing with devices producers if you have it.

Hiring a commercial cleaning Singapore service is sure to be a great step into helping your business thrive. Not only will you be happier owning a cleaner space, but your employees will be more productive and your customers happier. Commercial cleaning companies offer many different services to help you guarantee the health and happiness of your company as a whole.


Floors are a crucial part of keeping everything clean. It helps to ensure the safety of everyone in the building since people will be able to walk without the risk of tripping. Not only that, but it’s also one of the first things your customers are sure to notice when they come in. This is a lasting first impression that helps your customer to decide whether or not they want to conduct business there.

General Cleaning

If you have spaces that can get messy quickly, such as food courts or restrooms, you are sure to appreciate some help keeping them clean. Commercial cleaning companies will help to sweep, mop, and take out the trash. This means you will never have to worry about whether or not these mess-prone areas are clean or not.


Every business needs a pleasant-looking exterior. This can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a customer decides to even walk in. Because of this, commercial cleaning companies can help you to make sure the outside looks just as good as the inside, helping you to draw in plenty of new clients for your business.

House Cleaning

Even if you don’t own a business, cleaning services can still be of great use to you. Whether it’s your own home or a house you plan to rent out, you want to make sure it’s clean as well. This will benefit the health and happiness of you, your family, and anyone who may rent from you. Commercial cleaning services are happy to help, making your home clean just as they would a company office.

Commercial cleaning Singapore services can be of great use to anyone who needs help. With just a simple phone call you can be well on your way to a clean and tidy space that everyone can enjoy. For business owners, this is sure to bring in more customers and help them to leave happily, as well as keep them coming back for more.

With Kawaii clothes, you can wear a design that fits as well as appealing to you. What design will you reveal the globe? Exactly how comfortable will you be using something that you really feel matches your suggestion of fashionable? Boy, woman, guy, woman, tween or teenager can all gain from using exactly what they like. You are included in those individuals. Let’s explore your personal style!

You do not need to look hard to discover an anime store. They are turning up in shopping centers, online, as well as in towns all over the world it seems. Sites that guarantee cool is what you can anticipate to be when you place on a tee shirt or hoodie that features your preferred characters. If that isn’t enough, there are also cosplay clothing products that teenagers can use for special celebrations.

Would certainly you instead have an anime sweater? Either one is readily available to you. Some have zippers, some have brilliant colors, some are as one of a kind as the user. They may have large anime personalities on the back or tiny ones that sit on your t shirt front. Anything is feasible. You merely need to look and also see what interest you the most. We promise that whatever your design might be, there is a t-shirt or two around for you.

Today’s youngsters enjoy the net and also viewing television. Playing games as well as suitable in with the crowd. Like it or not, anime is additionally a component of that. They enjoy it on television or see it on videos that they see everyday. Anime personalities are clothed to impress. Constantly stylish, always trendy, as well as constantly just a little various from everyone around them. Perhaps that is why numerous of our children and also teens enjoy having an anime hoodie along with various other fashionable clothes alternatives.

Not actually right into a particular anime personality? Unsure you have a favored? No problem. There are still anime design clothing readily available for you also. These styles may have brilliant colors, logos, or various other things on them. It is very important to recognize that with this style, you can enter any kind of direction you want to go. You do not have to use it due to the fact that others are using it. You use it just because you like it as well as you want to.

Anybody that loves anime or knows someone that does, can delight in top notch goods at an anime shop. They are online and also off. Shopping malls around the world have them. Whether searching for on your own or someone you appreciate, there is a design available that will certainly be ideal. It does not matter which characters you are most right into.

Anime is something that individuals seem to either love or not love. The charm of it reaches every edge of the globe and also in the best groups, it is a subject that is 100% welcomed. The garments designs that are readily available today embrace the concept of anime. It accepts the suggestions and also beauty that these personalities appear to mean. Kids today utilize it to reveal that they are among a kind as individuals, which incorporates well with the pacesetters. Those that walk their very own path as well as select convenience as opposed to trendy.

When you wish to enjoy cosplay, anime sweater is a great go-to alternative for teenagers and youngsters. Anime cosplay allows you to put on wigs, capes, and clothes that you wouldn’t generally put on. There are likewise devices that you can pick from. In various other cases, the extra standard clothes is ideal for socializing with buddies or going to institution. This apparel is all about making a declaration and also sharing that you are or what you like.

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